The British Shooting Industry overwhelmingly agree that training is needed.


The shooting industry, “Skills for the Future” survey has found that 93% of the Shooting industry believe there is a need for training. The Survey was organised by BASC who are part of a project involving Boxall & Edmiston, the GTA and the Worshipful Company of Gunmakers.


The survey was carried out between June the 1st and the 31st August. The survey had two aims, the first was to provide details on the training needs of the shooting industry and the second to inform plans to have, “Gunmaker” recognised as an official apprenticeship. The Survey had over 500 responses and these were predominantly split between Business owners/managers (42%) and Hobbyists (43%).

Industry“Firstly, I want to say how grateful I am to all of those who took part in the survey, our aim was always 500 and we beat that. I think it is an incredible show of solidarity to overwhelmingly agree that training is needed and this will go a long way in evidencing the need for support.

One statistic stood out for me and that’s that only 4% of training offered by businesses was fully or partly funded (by Gov’t or other). We all agree that training is needed and when you consider that our industry benefits the economy by over 3 billion each year, I feel it is grossly unfair that we are not supported by the Government to nurture the next generation.” – Drew Boxall

The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers is investigating the opportunity of securing a recognised accreditation of ‘Gunmaker’ for apprentices to work towards, and of having such a qualification placed on the Government’s Apprenticeship scheme list. The standards for such apprenticeships will show what an apprentice will be doing, and the skills required of them, by job role. Standards are developed by employer groups and related stakeholders known as ‘trailblazers’.

To support this work, the Burrard Academy, has been setup to offer training and this survey has identified areas of current need, the main areas of training identified are,
65% – General Repair and Maintenance
62% – Gunmaking, shotgun/rifle/airgun
61% – Servicing and Cleaning a Firearm
58% Stocking and Finishing
57% Firearm Design

Courses are now being designed to teach some of these areas at the Burrard Academies new training centre. The training centre has been built at the Boxall & Edmiston factory in Shropshire, with a multi-functional space to cater for the variety of courses planned.

The training suite has 20 desks and 16 workbenches, all covered by a Registered Firearms Dealers License, to allow courses to have live demonstrations with firearms.
An open day has been planned for the 8th December, when anyone interested in attending courses can visit the site and meet some of the tutors. This is also an opportunity to continue working with all the stakeholders on developing the project.

The Burrard Academy can be found here: