Braces Commission BB97 Rifle From Blaser

Braces of Bristol commissioned Blaser to make them a custom BB97 double rifle. The gun is chambered in 30.06 and it was commissioned as a show piece for their store. This beautiful rifle will be on display at the British Shooting Show 2018, unless, of course it gets sold between now and the show.

Braces Custom BB97 Double Rifle

Braces of Bristol specialise in offering custom guns and have worked with customers and artists over the years to help bring their ideas and visions to fruition.

This BB97 is a fine and stunning example of this. The gun is engraved with a scene of wild boar battling in the woods and is aptly title “War in the woods”. The idea for this particular scene came from Dan Carroll – owner of Braces Shooting – while he was day dreaming, sat in a highseat on a boar shooting trip in Germany.

braces BB97 double rifle custom

The stock is made from high grade wood, hand selected in Germany. Braces run regular trips for their customers to Insy for tours around the Blaser factory. Dan said, “It’s much nicer to be able to go over and select your own woodwork, talk to the engravers and to see the place where your new gun will come to life. Coupled with the great food and an afternoon of shooting in the Blaser indoor cinema it makes for an excellent and unforgettable experience. Our next trip is in April and if you are interested in coming with us to Germany, or have any questions, be sure to come and visit us at the British Shooting Show and we will be more than happy to help“.

Braces BB97 custom double rifle_1

Braces of Bristol can be found on stand/zone A8.

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