Blaser build their rifles and shotguns not only to be completely functional, enabling the hunter to be as successful as possible when out in the field, but to also be things of beauty. The highly skilled gunsmiths at Blaser take meticulous care in order to ensure that every single unit is a masterpiece; something that is absolutely stunning. 

The range of Blaser rifles are packed out with amazing features;

Blaser S2 Rifle: A forged chamber and barrels, which are free floating, Blaser precision triggers, Blaser saddle mount and a tilting block locking system. When you open the rifle the locks are automatically de-cocked.

Blaser B97 Rifle: Like a single barrelled rifle the B97 barrels can float freely and expand when in use. The B97 also features a Blaser saddle mount and Blaser precison trigger. Like the S2, when the rifle is opened the locks are automatically de-cocked.

Blaser R93 Rifle: Straight pull action, interchangeable stock, barrels, bolt housings and bolt heads.

Blaser R8 Rifle: Straight pull action, Blaser precision tip, Blaser saddle mount, forged barrel and chamber, Blaser radial locking system, open sights, manual cocking system and automatic de-cocking when the magazine is taken out. The illuminated dot on the Zeiss iC scope is automatically illuminated when the rifle is cocked.

But, what if this is not enough for you? What if you are the hunter who wants your Blaser to be built in accordance to individual specifications? If the answer to this question is yes, I’m that hunter, Blaser will be able to help in making your dreams become reality.

Blaser’s customer rifles are available in five different grades I–V. The custom stocks are made from walnut trees as old as three-hundred years. Wood of this age gives unique and rare grain. The stockwood can be chosen from eleven different quality ranges.

Custom I (Super Luxus)

Custom II (Exklusiv)

Custom III (Super Exklusiv)

Custom IV (Imperial)

Custom V (Custom Imperial)

To give an example of the grades Custom III (Super Exklusiv)

Hand engraving: flat

Animal per side: 4, F3: 3

Underside: Hand engraved with 1 animal

Receiver (R8/R93): black, hand engraved

Bolt (R8/R93): titan nitraded (gold coloured)

Bolt handle ball (R8/R93): steel with flower and gold inlay

Locking lever for all break action models: hand engraved, K95, B95, B97, D99 and S2: Black

Steel forend (F3): hand engraved

Trigger: gold coloured

Trigger guard:R8/R93/F3: hand engraved

K95/B95/B97/D99/S2: hand engraved, long, grey

Barrel base: hand engraved with gold inlay

Sights: hand engraved (not for F3)

Wood grade: 8

Pistol grip cap: Steel, screwed, with filling and monogram

(2 letters) or 1 animal

For more information on Blaser custom rifles, please visit this website