BestFoxCall Launches Two New Products


BestFoxCall has recently launched two new products – life-sized Fox Targets and ‘The Blaze’, a new version of the SS mouth call. Both new products are available at

Developed and manufactured by Reese Outdoors in Alaska, The Blaze is similar in design to the BestFoxCall SS, but made from a tough and durable plastic. This means it is more comfortable to use in freezing cold weather. Producing a similar raspy sound to the SS, The Blaze mimics a screaming rabbit and because of the way it is made, can be used hands-free.

BestFoxCall’s new Fox Target was developed to enable fox shooters to zero their rifles as well as practice shooting at their actual quarry. The targets are life-sized and reversible, printed on robust paper so they can be used outside in most weathers. The Fox Targets have kill zones clearly identified, as well as 1”, 2” and 3” circular aim points.

Rob Crampton of BestFoxCall said: “We are really excited about these two new products. The Blaze is perfect when you need both your hands free, especially if you’re onto a fox and need both hands on your rifle. It’s also very useful in freezing cold weather as it’s a bit easier on the lips. The targets were developed to help gain confidence shooting at our actual target rather than just a dot on a piece of paper. Fox controllers need good groups – not necessarily touching groups at 300 yards – so shooting at the intended quarry seemed to make far more sense. Practice with these Fox Targets means more clean kills in the field and better, more efficient fox control.”

Available on, The Blaze is priced at £12 and the Fox Targets are priced at £14 for a pack of 5 targets. Both prices include UK postage. Visit for more information.

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