The Benelli M2 Essential – Performance and Reliability Guaranteed 

Benelli M2 Essential

The Benelli M2 Essential has been specifically designed for the price conscious professional who values Benelli performance and reliability above all else. With less moving parts than a traditional gas operated automatic shotgun, the patented inerita system from Benelli ensures that the gun will continue to operate even under the toughest conditions. Low maintenance and with a hardwearing synthetic stock, the M2 Essential offers truly great value for money. Magazine extension kits are available to purchase for increased opacity.

Benelli Inertia Driven® Operating System

Benelli’s Inertia Driven® system, developed in 1967, operates cleanly and reliably without adjustments. Inertia Driven® is the original version of the best operating system ever devised. There are Inertia Driven® Benelli shotguns that have fired 500,000+ rounds and still function perfectly.

Benelli M2

The proven system is…


  • No adjusting, ever
  • Consistent, reliable cycling, year after year
  • Handles light field loads to 3½” magnums


  • Just three main parts: bolt body, inertia spring, and rotating bolt head


  • Gas, smoke and burn powder remain in the barrel
  • residue doesn’t enter the gun’s mechanism
  • Remains cleaner than gas systems


  • Steel locking lugs on a rotating bolt head
  • Bolt head locks steel-to-steel with the barrel
  • Lock becomes even tighter during firing


  • Smaller mass of parts
  • Quicker than other operating systems

Low Maintenance

  • Operates more cleanly than gas-system guns
  • Less time required for cleaning


  • Benelli semi-auto shotguns are among the world’s lightest

Perfectly Balanced

  • Balances as a fine game gun should
  • No heavy components under the forend


  1. Model:  M2 Essential
  2. Gauge:  12
  3. Barrel Length:  28″
  4. Weight (kg):  3.2
  5. Chokes: C/C