Benelli 828U – Redefining Shotgun Evolution


Benelli are renowned for producing excellent semi-auto shotguns, but the Italian gunmaker has now made the leap into the over and under, (o/u), market. The 828U is the very first o/u shotgun from Benelli and is crammed with innovation and technology. This really is a “21st Century” shotgun.

Inside the stock is the Progressive Comfort Pack. This is a series of interlocking combs. This recoil absorbing system reacts depending on the cartridge load. With the gun weighing in at only 6.5lb the recoil system takes care of even the heaviest loads.

Anyone who is familiar with Benelli’s semi-auto shotguns will also be familiar with the adjustable shim on the stock. The 828U is the first o/u shotgun with an adjustable shim in the stock. The stock can be adjusted to over 40 different positions. This means that the 828U can fit virtually any shooter. It can be adjusted to either left or right handed cast as well as multiple drop configurations.


The opening lever is attached to a completely new cocking mechanism. All the linkages have been removed between the fore-end and the trigger mechanism, so when you open the gun to break the barrels the opening lever also re-sets the strikers. This also means that Benelli have developed a new impulse driven ejection system – another first in an o/u shotgun. With the removal of the linkages between the fore-end and the trigger mechanism, Benelli have introduced a small piston into the chamber. When a shot is fired the plastic cartridge case expands and pushes on the piston; it’s the pressure of the plastic pushing on the piston that sets the ejectors.

The 828u has an auto safety, as standard, but there is a clip within the detachable trigger mechanism that allows you to alter the safety to a manual set up if you prefer your gun to have a manually operated safety catch.

Probably the biggest development in the 828U is the new, patented locking system which completely seals all the pressure from a fired shot inside the hardened steel mono-block. The sealing plate slides inside the mono-block when the gun is closed. This relieves any stress on the breech when the gun is discharged. In a more traditional shotgun the shot pressure is between the hinge pin and the breech face. So, as the gun is fired the forces created want to push the gun apart resulting in wear in these areas. Benelli’s new locking system eliminates this and has enabled them to make the breech of the 828U out of aluminium.


The rib is made from carbon fibre and is inter-changable. It can be changed out depending on what rib height and width you require.

The barrels and choke tubes are cryogenically treated. Although cryo treating metals is nothing new, Benelli are the only company within the weapon industry to use this method. The aim of this is to reduce, or eliminate all the stress caused to the metal during the drilling, cold hammer forging, chemical bathing, etc. All these process have an effect on the metal at a molecular level. If you were to look at a cross section of the metal through a very powerful microscope you would see the atoms have a very random distribution. The cryo treatment process brings the atoms back into a more uniform distribution, thus reversing the stress caused by the production process. This is a very gradual process which takes 24 hours. The barrels are taken from 0°C to -135°C, or even down to -150 and then back to zero again.

Available with either 26″ or 28″ barrels the 828U is ideal for the sporting lady or gentleman. Benelli have entered the o/u shotgun market and absolutely shattered the mould of the traditional style shotgun. Externally, the 828U looks stylish and modern, but internally, Benelli have completely re-thought the production methods of o/u shotgun.