A Fantastic Christmas Gift Idea

With Christmas just around the corner the next few weeks will see me spending a lot of time browsing the internet for gift ideas and inspiration for gift ideas for those friends and family members who are always difficult to buy for every year, but today I stumbled across a website that just might have solved the dilemma of what to buy for my shooting friends.


BallisticConcepts is and online shop based in America. The Owner, Tony, who was originally from New York, but now based in Texas and is pursuing a career in Forensic Firearm Examination. Tony’s amazing 3D creations of what happens in that instant when the firing pin strikes the primer is absolutely stunning.

Tony says, “It’s very important for any firearms expert to be able to explain how guns and ammunition function, but, this can be difficult when talking to someone who is completely unfamiliar with firearms. It can be a completely foreign idea and very difficult for a person to visualise the steps that cause a bullet to launch out of a barrel. Therefore, visual ideas are essential tools. This gave me the idea to use real ammunition and to make a sort of £D exploded diagram to use in the courtroom for expert testimony.

Unfortunately, they proved to be too small to use in the courtroom and were never used in that capacity, but, they were great for small groups where they could be passed around and handled! Everyone that saw the displays seemed to be really excited. They always told me how neat they were an how it really helped them to understand how the primer worked, or that they never knew there were so many parts. The response was overwhelming. Eventually, someone asked where they could buy one. And here I am.

Th8s has led me to this shop. I hope to provide interesting and unique items that appeal to a wide variety of people. All my items are individually built by hand in my small apartment. While the work can be tedious, I love building them and continue to learn more and more.

Each Patent-Pending display is meticulously fitted together with specialised, custom parts in order to maximise its durability and visual impact. Each component (the primer cup, cartridge case, gunpowder, and bullet) have been expanded out along a central axis and in an order to show how and where they fit together to make a live “round” of ammunition.

Their strength is derived from the proprietary solid-core design and minimal use of unnecessary parts. The unique appearance of the powder was developed using a unique bonding technique that I developed over months of testing and ensures the powder will hold up to repeated handling. The displays are 100% inert and contain ZERO combustible material. The primers are deactivated and the “powder” portion is made using custom simulated smokeless powder called SimPowder™. This allows the displays to be safely handled and shipped anywhere in the world, without restriction“.

There are over 30 different variation to choose from and a multitude of calibres. Some of these will definitely not be available in your local gun shop, such as:

  • 40m M385 Linked Grenade.
  • 25mm Bushmaster M793 Percussion Primed .
  • 30mm Vulcan GAU-9A A-10 Aircraft, Solid Band Projectile (shown below).

I think it’s time to write a letter to Santa and tell him how good I’ve been this year.