The B725 Pro Sport Adjustable: The Browning excellence at the service of sports shooters

All sportsmen want to push the limits and all shooters hope to hit clays considered impossible by their peers. To achieve unmatched performance, your shotgun must be equal to your demands.

B725 Pro Sport Adjustable B725 Pro Sport Adjustable 

B725 Pro Sport Adjustable: a shotgun designed to meet your needs The Browning experts’ new creation is designed to adapt to your habits and body type.  The B725 Pro Sport, available in 12 gauge, is a high-performance shotgun adapted to all your needs, including:• An Italian stock with an adjustable cheek-piece• One 25mm Pachmayr® recoil pad installed, another 20mm recoil pad in the box • Shotgun prepared for Pro Balance barrel and stock counterweights, delivered in the box• Two trigger shoes included• Eight Invector DS Extended chokes (Cyl, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full (2x), light full, light cylinder)• Left-handed model available›







B725 Pro Sport Adjustable: a shotgun designed for performance


B725 Pro Sport Adjustable: a shotgun designed for performance Browning shooters regularly achieve podium success.  This is no coincidence.  Their talent is combined with the best weaponry technology, including:• Back-Bored barrels, Invector Pro• Receding top rib, from 12mm to 8mm• HiViz sighting system›






B725 Pro Sport Adjustable: a high precision shotgun 


B725 Pro Sport Adjustable: a high precision shotgun Not only does the B725 Pro Sport adapt to your needs, it will also attract admiration on the shooting range. Elegant and stylish, the B725 Pro Sport will delight lovers of beautiful weapons, particularly thanks to:• American grade 5/6 walnut, polished and oiled• Half beaver fore-end and Italian stock• Barrels with zirconium finish, providing a matte, glare-free finish›





The B725 Pro Sport Adjustable in brief The B725 Pro Sport Adjustable in brief • 12 gauge• Barrels length 76cm/30’ & 81cm/32’• Weight: 3.9kg• Opaline case, VCI socks•

Recommended price : € 4,160 / £3,560   BROWNING.EU