Written By Jane Morgan

Artisan Rifles at The Great British Shooting Show 2019


17th January | British Shooting Show | A unique service for the sportsperson after their death.

We are proud to make our show debut at the 2019 British Shooting Show and to introduce our unique service.

Artisan Rifles was founded to answer one important question:

“What will happen to my guns if something happens to me?”

Through our ‘Wishes Pack’ we provide a ‘Post Death Service’. This fully costed service includes collection of your guns, storing them in our modern and secure facilities and carrying out your wishes, whether that be to sell the guns, store them or to dispose of them for you.

Through our ‘Key Pack’ we are able to store your spare cabinet keys so that when needed you or an authorised person can gain access to your cabinet.

We also offer gun storage on either a long term or a short term basis with personal UK and international hand delivery.

If you are in the trade we have a ‘Forensic Genealogy’ service to track and trace the owners of abandoned guns.

For more information on Artisan Rifles visit www.artisanrifles.co.uk

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