August 2015 Blog.

August was yet another busy month for me as i headed back to the place where I won gold earlier this year… Baku! it was great to get the opportunity to go compete there again and brought back some great memories. However things seem to be going against me from the start of the trip after loosing my luggage and having a eventful 4 hour journey to Gabala. I managed to stay focus and put problems aside and felt preparation for the World Cup was going well. The day of competition came with some surprises to after having a heavy nose bleed for 30 minutes and missing my start time therefore I had to jump on a later squad. I feel I overcame the problems well and made me even more determined to want to do my very best. After shooting a 73 in qualification i made the finals. it was a very long day with the finals not starting till 8pm but i remained focused and determined and managed to come away with a World Cup bronze medal. I was delighted with the out come and I had achieved more than i had expected. I learnt a lot from this trip and believe by having to overcome problems makes me a stronger athlete. when I returned I was soon back in to training but also had my 18th birthday. I had an amazing few days spent with family and friends.

July 2015 Blog

After a great time in Baku winning gold at the European games i finally had a week off to enjoy my win with my family out in spain. It was great to be able to switch off and enjoy spending some time with them. But it was straight back to shooting for me once i got back having a GB Selection shoot up at Doveridge. I felt refreshed and looked forward to get back shooting. I shot 70/75 winning qualification and finished up 2nd overall so i was happy with my performance as i had no training leading up to this comp. I was soon back into training after though to prepare for my up coming comp in Slovenia at the European Championships. I felt going into this comp almost a weight had been lifted of my shoulders knowing i had secured my quote place but i feel now is just the beginning and want to make the most of every comp leading up to Rio 2016. I was pleased with how i shot in slovenia, shooting a consistent 70/75 missing out on a place in the finals by just 2 shots but knew i couldn’t have given anymore.

June 2015 Blog

I have done a lot of training and preparation leading up to Baku. Id been working with my coach Joe Neville and felt very confident and felt id done as much as I could, I also went to Malaga to train the week before the European games to adapt to the heat and different environments.

It’s always been on the back of my mind quota places for Rio 2016 were getting harder to get as we are getting closer to the end of the season but I tried to focus purely on enjoying my time there and being happy with my performance. But then again it was the 1st European Games and being the first to win gold would go down in history.

Going into the final I felt happy and confident. I managed to find my rhythm early on and put everything else to the back of my mind. My only focus is hitting the next clay in front of me.

It means everything knowing that’s I’ve won a quota place for Great Britain and knowing I have secured one of just 18 places for skeet women for the The Olympic Games next year feels incredible.

I feel young shooters in the sport should definitely be encouraged. It can be quite daunting competing and feeling pressure from yourself and supporters. Especially when they achieve early success there is an awful lot of expectation to remain at that level. But the thing is no one can remain at that level for ever. Theirs going to be highs and lows and I have experienced both, but I feel it’s about not giving up and being patient and working with a support system around to to get back to success. I still do feel a lot of pressure to perform but I am now trying to turn it into a positive thing knowing how much support I have from my family, friends, sponsors and everyone back in the UK.

Shooting doesn’t get as much media attention as I think it deserves and can some times be seen In a bad light. I would love to think I was helping the sport get more publicity from winning gold in Baku and encourage people to get into a sport of some sort as I have realise how much shooting has changed my life. I have been given so many amazing opportunities such as traveling the world, representing team GB, meeting new people and would love to think shooting Or sport in General could do the same for someone else.

Once returning from Baku i took a break from shooting and returned to marbella on holiday with my family for 10 days to relax.

May 2015 Blog.

Once i returned from the last world cup in Larnaca i had booked my gun in to be painted with my sponsors Altamura concepts. it took me a while to come up with design for my gun but after discussing with the artists at Altamura, i felt i wanted this gun to stand out yet and be a bit unique. i couldn’t wait to get my gun sprayed as i almost feel like the gun wasn’t complete without the spray finish as all my past guns have been. A week after dropping my gun to them i went to collect it and couldn’t be more pleased with the out come. they ad done an incredible job and was exactly what i was looking for.

Keen to get back out on the range i got back to training hard at my local ground Ej Churchill. im not sure if it was just having my gun finished but training was going great shooting high scores in 70’s even shooting 74’s in practice some days.

I did have some time off to help and take part in a charity shoot (test valley charity shoot) supporting Cancer Research. for the past few years i have supported this shoot and strongly support cancer research as my grandad who actually introduced me to shooting got diagnosed with cancer over christmas. thankfully hes got the all clear but i would support the charity in any way i can. the day was great fun and was a pleasure to take part.

Now at the end of may i am preparing myself for a busy June, setting my sights on European Games in Baku. i cant wait to represent Team GB in a multi sport event and cant wait to get out there!

April 2015 Blog.

The month of April started with lots of training after I was disappointed with my performance at the previous world cup I competed in last month. I worked hard with my coach Joe and the Norwegian coach Per, making minor tweaks to my technique. Training was going really well and felt the best I had in a very long time after shooting 196\200. Feeling confident, I went into my first GB selection shoot and UK Championships held at Bisley.

The conditions on the day were not the best with gusts of wind and frequent showers, however, I shot a solid 67/75 placing me 2nd in qualification which gave me some confidence going into the finals . I then went on to shoot a 16/16 and 14/16 in the finals finishing up as runner up. I was happier with my performance this time as I felt it was an improvement to how I shot in the competition last month.

The following week I headed out to Cyprus for the 3rd ISSF World Cup. Unfortunately, things did not go my way again shooting a disappointing 65/75. Feeling a bit demoralised, I spent a long time discussing it through with both my coaches on the next few steps into turning things around. Once I returned home, I went to get my gun sprayed with my sponsors Altamura Concepts. I absolutely loved what they did on the design and cant wait to get out there with it in May.

March 2015 Blog.

March was a busy month for me with two world cups with only a ten day gap between both and lots of training in preparation. my first world cup in 2015 was in Acapulco, Mexico, my lucky country where I won my first World Cup back in 2013. In Pre event training i felt ready and confident but unfortunately competition day didn’t go to plan.

I came off feeling very disappointed with my performance and was unsure what had changed between feeling prepared and ready in training to struggling in competition. I discussed how i felt and how i wanted to move forward with my coaches and got back to training asap when i got back to and put the competition behind me. my second world cup was in Al Ain, UAE and again felt extremely good going into the competition.

Unfortunately the same thing happened shooting a poor score in competition. I came home and again discussed what went on with my coaches and family. This month has been a hard month for me but these are the highs and lows in sport and am determined to put the bad days behind me and move on positively to the competitions lined up for me in April.

February 2015 Blog

I started this month by having my first preparation competition of the year in Cyprus for the Cyprus Grand Prix. I arrive to the competition early to get a few days training with my coach Per and with the rest of the GB team. In Training leading up to the competition i was working really well with per and felt the best i had in training for a while shooting 24/25. The competition unfortunately didn’t go aswell as training but was still a good start to the year shooting 68/75. I felt from this trip I learnt a lot and could properly see where i was at in the process of my preparation for the first world cup in Acapulco next month. When I got home I continued my preparation training so I feel as confident as I possibly can for next month.

January 2015 Blog

After my short Christmas break i soon got back into training both in the gym and on the range in preparation for my up coming competitions that begin in February. First session back i was defiantly a bit rusty and was not feeling my best. I had a meeting with my coaches and set out some training days leading all the way up to my competitions to get back into things and feel physically and mentally prepared. i spent a few days up at my coaches working on my technique and started to feel really good again.

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