The A5 One Camo Max5: the ideal firearm for hunting waterfowl

Did you know? The Auto-5, the famous ancestor of the A5, was the first semi-automatic shotgun to meet with worldwide success.


Complete discretion

Since it first appeared nearly 100 years ago, more than 4 million users have been won over by its design, its reasonable price, its proven effectiveness in all situations and its all-round versatility. The A5, the culmination of technological achievement, appeared on the scene in 2014.

This year, the Browning A5 One is available in Camo Max5. The reed effect on this semi-automatic shotgun provides complete discretion when hunting waterfowl.

A5 One Camo Max5

The A5 One Camo Max5, is steel shot proofed, with a 12-calibre super-magnum chamber. This means you can choose the right load for your game and your way of hunting. Thanks to the Inflex II recoil pad, you don’t need to worry about recoil, even with very heavy loads. All you need to focus on is the game.

The A5 One Camo Max5 comes with two Invector DS chokes: ¼ and ¾. Three barrel lengths -66,71 and 76 cm – are available for this very well-balanced shotgun, which weighs 3kg. We deliver it with buttstock spacers so it can be made to match your body size as perfectly as possible.

The A5 One Camo Max 5 is available at the recommended retail price of €1,399.


Notes: Choke Key, Buttstock Spacer, Shims. Packaging: Cardboard Box



A5 One Camo Max5 and the Grand Passage clothing range: an ideal match

The Grand Passage range, also in camo Max5, consists of a parka, a jacket, and bib trousers.

This clothing is designed for cold and damp environments and is a perfect combination of comfort, technology and practicality.



The Pre-Vent™ membrane means the bib trousers and the parka are completely waterproof and windproof. Pre-Vent™ provides waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric to keep you comfortable in all conditions.  The Primaloft® lining helps the body retain heat.




The aim of the entire range is to provide maximum comfort.The parka has reinforced shoulders, and the large number of pockets in the jacket and the bib trousers, as well as the parka, mean you have plenty of storage room.  The bib braces as well as the parka hood are fully adjustable.  The jacket is made from stretch fabric.  There are large side-openings on the bib trousers, which means you won’t have to struggle to get your boots on anymore!Recommended retail prices range from €159 for the jacket, to €299 for the parka, and €225 for the bib trousers.


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