One that will add to the legend of the buckmark brand. The Custom Shop, home of the legendary B25, is changing its name to the John Moses Browning Collection. 

“This change represents a new start for the workshop,” explains Lionel Neuville, head of the John Moses Browning Collection. “We have taken its professionalism upward and onward, and completely overhauled the way we work. The name change removes any confusion that could arise from the term Custom Shop and marks a break with the past.” 

The icing on the cake is the B15 Beauchamps, the B25’s little brother and a shotgun that will further grace the John Moses Browning Collection. It is hand-finished and another boost to the range in the middle ground between “mass produced” guns and the B25. 

The B15 and the B25 share a number of obvious family features. Both have the same trigger guard and the same solid rib, and most importantly… the same craftsmen! The same talented artists who brought you the B25 are now focused on fitting the B15 and precision-tuning its action frame. “We’re entrusting these new tasks to them because we know they have the outstanding expertise to give the B15 the aura its delicate workmanship deserves,” declares Lionel Neuville. “To us, these craftsmen are stars, worthy heirs of John Moses Browning.” 

Two engravings are available: a hunting scene with partridges and pheasants, or chimera, in the noblest Belgian tradition. The patterns are outlined and then finished by our engravers’ expert hands. Every metal component used in the B15 is bathed in cyanide to give an aged silver glint. 

Every wooden part is cut from the same superb Turkish walnut that glorifies the legendary B25. The elegantly styled stock is as distinctive as always, and is now available in two versions. Grade B and C B15s come with a pistol grip and concealed butt plate; the D and E grade models have a metal-capped pistol grip and are fitted with a skeleton metallic butt plate. Every one of the B15’s wooden components is oil-finished, and the checkering is hand-crafted. 

The B15 Beauchamp will retail at between 13,400€ and 19,900€. It comes in a leather case that does justice to an exquisite gun set to become a milestone in the history of fine gunmaking.

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