A First For UK Cartridge Manufacturer

Eley Hawk is the first UK manufacturer of shotgun cartridges to successfully homologate all their ammunition with CIP via the Birmingham Proof House.

Eley Hawk Shotgun Cartridges

Eley Hawk, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Shotgun cartridges is once again “Leading Shooting Performance” by demonstrating superior quality control and consistency in their ballistics, having successfully completed their latest round of CIP Periodic Inspection Control tests, relating to their CIP homologation approval. CIP Type approval and Periodic Inspection Control is a requirement for all manufacturers in the UK, who wish to carry out manufacturing control by themselves. The UK is a permanent member of the CIP treaty organisation who oversee the harmonisation of ammunition and firearms standards for all members.

CIP Homologation is the process by which the Proof houses assess a manufacturer and their abilities to produce ammunition to the CIP Type specification.

The process is carried out over a 3 year cycle to ensure that the British Proof Laboratory is entirely satisfied with the process and procedures in place at Eley Hawk. It required the alignment of testing procedures, the digitalisation of our ballistics lab to ensure that the batch logs each output is stored in a reportable format. An extensive range of cartridges was submitted to ensure that the types of ammunition were all covered in the approval process. Each batch was tested by the British Proof Laboratory to ensure that the standards were met in full.

Eley Hawk ensure quality control in their loading of ammunition by regularly testing each batch as it is produced. It is fired down our ballistics testing lab to ensure batch consistency in Speeds, Pressures generated in the Barrel, Ignition rates from primer to burn of powder in the barrel and the each batch is given a lot number to ensure record keeping, that we are confident that each batch was loaded to standard and to aid in the traceability of the contents.

Speaking of the step forward David Thompson Marketing Manager “Eley Hawk were happy to take this next step to demonstrate their abilities in producing cartridges to the high standards required by the discerning clay and game shooter in the UK and abroad”.

We particularly welcome the transparency of the quality we demonstrate where consumers, customers, and the gun trade can check online with the CIP the fact that we have met their standards.”  This can be accessed online, click here.

The process will not stop there and Eley Hawk has committed to the process of submitting further test batches in the future to maintain our approval and consumers can be confident that safety, quality, and control are at the heart of what we do. Click here to view the document from the British Proof Laboratory.