3HGR And Osuma Products


The British Shooting Show is delighted to welcome two exhibitors from Finland to the 2018 BSS. 3HGR and Osuma Products will be exhibiting for the first time in the UK and add to the rich international feel of the show.

3hgr rifle sling

3HGR designed and manufacture the revolutionary ‘tree hugger’ rifle sling, which functions as a secure shoulder harness, a safety sling and a versatile gun rest. The later variant, the ‘3HGR Light Harness’ sling has proved very popular, particularly with shooters in the UK.

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Osuma Products have designed and manufactured high quality scope mounts and practical accessories for over twenty years, ensuring that their products meet the high demands of modern shooters by consulting with hunters during every stage of development.

3hgr and osuma rifle sling