2018 London Gun Trade Shoot

This year’s London Gun Trade Shoot was held at, and hosted by, Atkin Grant & Lang.

London Gun Trade Shoot

Friday, 1st June Saw 19 teams, consisting of three shooters, from across the industry gather at the beautiful Atkin Grant & Lang Shooting Ground. The order of the day was a 100 bird sporting layout to raise money for The Gunmaker’s Company Charitable Trust. Teams also had the opportunity to make a donation and enter the team flurry.

Lyalvale Express sponsored the day and supplied cartridges for all the competitors.

The Gunmaker’s Company Charitable Trust was established in 2003 to support the training of apprentices in gun making skills. Many of these craft skills can only be learnt at the bench, as there is no available training outside of the trade.


  • James Purdey & Sons (Gunmakers) – 258/300
  • Lyalvale Express (Front of House) – 273/300
  • Lyalvale Express – Team Flurry
  • Duane Morley (From team Shootmart) – 99/100 (High Gun)

London Gun Trade Shoot

After the event Atkin Grant & Land said, “We are delighted to be able to donate over £3,000 to the Gunmakers’ Company Charitable Trust on behalf of all the competitors at today’s London Gun Trade Shoot! It was a fantastic day and great to see so many friends and fellow members of the Gun Trade. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out, attended and competed. Congratulations to James Purdey and Sons Benchworkers Team and Lyalvale Express for taking the top spots, and also Mr Morley for winning high gun with an incredible 99 out of 100. The final amount being donated is actually an incredible £3,350”.

If you are interested in more information about the Gunmakers’ Company Charitable Trust click here.