PACDOG Dog Control Systems

PACDOG was established in 1989, to design, manufacture and supply equipment which addresses the problems of conventional training, enabling users to train, track and contain their own dogs.

All our PACDOG Dog training systems are rechargeable, waterproof and models in our ranges can control from one – six dogs with up to 3 km range. The fast two hours recharging lithium-ion collar batteries give double the battery life of any other collar on the market.

The PACDOG mDXT+ Remote Trainers most valuable feature is that you can now communicate with your dog at a distance; the system reinforces your voice command or whistle by giving the correction when needed, not sometime later when a correction will have lost its meaning, allowing your dog virtually unlimited freedom at a distance – off the lead. The PACDOG Systems remain the most humane style of control in distance training on the market.

Pacdog dog control system

Our Bark Controller will charge in only two hours and gives a month’s usage between charges, it has eight levels of stimulation, so will suit any size dog, Not only that but you can also set it on vibration or tone only, no stimulation if required. Collars are not affected by the barking noises from other companion dogs.

Pacdog dog control system

Our PACDOG electronic dog fence is the strongest system on the market, guaranteed to contain even the most headstrong dogs. The collars are rechargeable with long operating times up to three months, any number of dogs each wearing a collar can be contained on a system.

Pacdog dog control system

The PAC Buzz is a new style of remote trainer, it is unique among training collars as it uses a pre-warning tone followed by the strongest vibration on the market as its sole means of correction, it is incapable of shocking the dog. At a low level the vibration is a mild ‘tap on the shoulder’, but at top-end is effectively the direct equivalent of a strong shake by the scruff of the dog’s neck.

pacdog dog control system

The HUNTLOC DOG TRACKER is the latest in dog tracking technology. It tracks your dog in real-time with a GPS receiver, housed in a robust and comfortable collar. This collar is used in combination with google maps on your smart phone, Android and Windows app available. I’’s possible to make calls to the collar to give the dog commands (if they have been trained) listen to dog barking etc., or talk to other hunters, there are no distance restrictions. In addition to dogs, the collar can be used for tracking other animal,s (sheep, cattle), and moving objects, (cars). You can start a hunt group or join an active hunt group, where you can see participants (including hunting dogs in real time). Participants information can be added, (name, distance, phone number), choosing roles, (Hunter, Beater, dog etc.), so everyone in the group can see where everyone is positioned including dogs at any time. Active usage for up to 45 hours, standby time up to 60 days between charges. Participants can drop pins on the map to alert other hunters of areas already hunted etc.


PACDOG will be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show 2017 and can be found in the NGO Gamekeeping Hall, Zone 38.