William Powell are delighted to announce the launch of their two new models of side by side shotguns. This is almost the first at the current time of the UK gun industry.

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The Sovereign & the Viscount

Following the sudden closure of Arrieta, our previous side by side manufacturing partner, in early 2017, we took the opportunity to review our range of guns.

After months of planning and a worldwide search to find a new manufacturing partner, we started to develop the new range. Our aim was to create the next generation of side by sides. These had to look exceptional, handle beautifully, be suitable for the future of shooting, as well as being fantastic value for money.

As the shooting landscape changes, with new legislation and environmental pressures, we as an industry, must adapt. On the 24th February, the Steel Shot announcement was made which rocked the shooting community as well as the UK’s cartridge manufactures. Whilst we are very aware that at some point there would be pressure to ban lead shot in the UK, hence production of these future proof side by sides, this announcement came much quicker than any of us had anticipated. However, our new guns are fully fit for purpose and we have been lucky to be the first to respond to the changes ahead with a complete range of steel shot proofed side by side shotguns, suitable for all customers, regardless of budget.

The renowned William Powell name has over 200 years of English gunmaking heritage, and it was essential for these guns to reflect this. Both the Sovereign and the Viscount models encapsulate this tradition and heritage, but also combine it with modern technology; they are the best of both worlds. Born from the past and prepared for the future.

Modern production techniques have allowed us to accentuate the value for money of these guns, so a new made to measure gun, built to your specification, does not have to cost a fortune.

The Sovereign

An exceptional quality sideplated boxlock ejector, the Sovereign is inspired by William Powell’s rich gunmaking heritage and brings together classic English styling with value for money. This is the next generation of side by side, where traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology. Boasting high performance steel shot proofed barrels (available up to half choke)*. A true alternative to a traditional English shotgun but built with the future in mind.

william powell

Featuring decorative, deep cut scroll engraving on both the sideplates and underside of the action, matched with a beautifully figured, oil finished, straight hand stock.

Designed to take the recoil of modern cartridges, the Sovereign is very capable of shooting high birds with either lead or steel.

Available in 12 or 20 bore and with a choice of 28, 29, 30 or 32 inch barrels. off the shelf, the Sovereign comes with fixed chokes of ½ and ½, and will be steel shot proofed with 3-inch chambers as standard. A 16 bore model is available with 2¾” chambers and is not steel shot proofed.

Fitted into a black ABS travel case with combination lock.

The Sovereign offers exceptional value for money.

Choke dimensions can be altered to suit the customers’ requirements. Multi-chokes, single trigger, and made to measure options are also available.

From £4,995 Inc. VAT

*12 & 20 bore only.

The Viscount

Built to the highest quality, the Viscount is the next generation of William Powell sidelock shotguns. Engraved with a traditional, fine rose and scroll to the locks and underside of the action. The coin finish of this gun works beautifully in contrast with its highly figured walnut stock.

william powell

Steeped in tradition, from its appearance to the way it handles, it is easy to forget this is a gun built for the future. Engineered using the latest technology, the Viscount is fully steel shot proofed (up to ½ choke)*. It handles smoothly even when using modern loaded cartridges. With this in mind, you will be safe in the knowledge that this gun is capable of shooting high birds with either lead or steel shot.

This model is available in 12, 16 or 20 bore and with a choice of 28, 29, 30 or 32 inch barrels. It also boasts a range of extra finishing touches that add to its overall elegance; beautifully carved tear-drops in the stock, coin finished furnishings, elongated trigger tang, and finest hand chequering to an exceptionally figured and finished walnut stock.

william powell

Every Viscount is crafted to the unique measurements of each individual customer as standard. A complimentary gun fitting session is offered to our viscount customers to ensure that their stock is made to the perfect dimensions. In addition, customers are able to customise their gun, making it bespoke to them with a choice of the following: the tightness of the fixed chokes (please note barrels with chokes over ½ will not be steel shot proofed), whether to have multi-chokes, the stock style (straight hand/semi pistol grip) and single or double trigger options.

Fitted into a leather covered ABS travel case with combination lock.

From £10,995 Inc. VAT

* 12 & 20 bore only.