Active listening shooting headsets from Talking Headsets.

Talking Headset’s SWATCOM active listening shooting headsets are designed for shooters wanting to maintain maximum levels of situational awareness while shooting.

swatcom active8 headset

Wearing an active listening headset enables the user to have a natural conversation with others whilst shooting and still remain protected.

The SWATCOM Active8 is a premier product that is designed to the highest possible specification, with the latest ASIC digital technology to ensure the best sound reproduction of any headset of its type around the world. With the added features, including being totally submersible and therefore fully waterproof. These headsets meet the demands of the modern military soldiers, police first responders and professional shooters. this quality is further endorsed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty covering the electronics.

swatcom active8 headset

SWATCOM Active8 Headband
  • Waterproof sealed military spec., electronics, microphones and battery compartment, submersible to 1 metre for 30 minutes.
  • ASIC* digital electronic sound reproduction compresses impulse noises to ensure true life stereo sound reproduction without “chopping”.
  • 600 hours of battery life (2 x AAA) with battery save function.

swatcom active8 headset

SWATCOM Active8 Neckband
  • Twin speakers in each ear cup for fail safe audio.
  • Sound level is limited to 82 dB(A) to ensure good hearing protection.
  • Leather headband cover improves comfort and durability.
  • AUX input for RX audio receive function.
  • Available in a range of colours.

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