ShooterKing has 500 protective suits ready to ship to the NHS for FREE!

With UK health workers are facing a shortfall in protective clothing from the government. UK based shooting clothing manufacturer ShooterKing is stepping up to help. ShooterKing factories in China have 500 disposable medical protective clothing outfits worth £3,000 ready to send to the UK in 13 big boxes for FREE. The NHS gratefully accepted ShooterKing’s offer and is looking forward to receiving them.

shooterking nhs help


ShooterKing is currently trying to arrange a flight for the clothing, possibly with the RAF. ShooterKing have also contacted DHL and other suppliers and have been quoted a shipping cost of around £2,000, so they are asking the shooting/hunting community to help cover DHL’s costs. If they manage to arrange a RAF flight for the protective clothing then all the raised funds will be added to producing more PPE for the NHS.

ShooterKing will cover ALL important duties and costs of the PPE. He Li, Fundraising Team Organiser and owner of ShooterKing said, “We think that anything we can do as a company is well worth it to help protect our NHS workers“.

Please give whatever you can, no matter how small. To access the GoFundMe web page click the link here.