Written By Steve Morgan

SAIM Series Thermal Scope – SCL25/SCL35 By Xinfrared (IRAY)

The Saim series of thermal imaging scopes are designed with portability and ease operation in mind. An ergonomic design and superb image quality make the Saim series an excellent companion for night observation, even in rainy and foggy conditions.

SAIM thermal scope

  1. High Image Quality – Using the IRay detector combined with the Matrix ⅢTM powerful algorithm, the Saim series provides a very high image quality, with automatic contrast adjustment, so target acquisition is easier and faster.
  2. Compact Size and Lightweight – With a well-designed layout, compact size and low weight, the Saim series is comfortable and convenient in all environments.
  3. User-Friendly Interface – The design philosophy for the Saim series interface, was easy operation. The fully icon based display is simple to understand and the translucent menus are quick to use without blocking the image.
  4. Ultraclear Mode – Ultraclear mode is especially designed for bad weather such as thick fog and heavy rain and ensures the Saim is more sensitive and still functions in even the poorest conditions.
  5. High Shock Resistance – The Saim Series features exceptionally high shock resistance, up to 1000G; more than enough for any hunting rifle.
  6. Picture-in-Picture Function – Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. It helps zoom in on a target while retaining the rest of the field of view visible.

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