• In 2021 the hunting and target shooting ammunition iconic brand reaches the age of 125,

being one of the most historical ammunition brands.

Madrid (Spain), January 7th, 2021. RIO Cartridges celebrates its 125th year of existence since it
was born in 1896 in the north of Spain. This is a symbolic anniversary as it brings to light the
longevity of RIO’s trajectory within the hunting and target shooting ammunition industry.

RIO Cartridges was born in 1896 and since its inception was closely linked to the explosives and
powders industry through the Spanish Powder and Dynamite Society, famously founded in 1872 by
Alfred Nobel. Nowadays, RIO Cartridges has become the manufacturing and distribution brand of
reference within the shotgun shell industry. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing process and
cutting-edge technology, it has managed to earn the trust of the most demanding shooters and
hunters in more than 100 countries.

Over these past 125 years, RIO has been developing one of the most complete ranges of shotgun ammo.
The shooters and who trust our brand highlight the reliability and regularity of RIO products,
which have become a favorite in the highest levels of shooting and hunting competitions as well as
an Olympic Games staple.

With this important event, RIO has launched a new logo commemorating its
125 years of existence to emphasize its long tradition and historic heritage.

“This anniversary fills the entire RIO Cartridges family with pride. It is an honor to maintain
historic continuity to this rich heritage and all the people who have been part of this company.
This milestone could not have been reached without the millions of shooters who were and still are
loyal ambassadors of RIO.

We remain as enthusiastic as ever to continue for many years to come on the forefront of this
industry we hold so dearly and in order to commemorate this milestone we have planned a complete
activities calendar that we will be revealing throughout the year” explained Eduardo Hernando,
Commercial and Marketing director of RIO cartridges.

For further information, please visit RIO Cartridges website www.riocartridges.com and our Facebook
and Instagram profiles.

RIO Cartridges – www.riocartridges.com

RIO Cartridges develops, manufactures and commercializes non-metallic ammunition for sport shooting
and hunting. Founded on 1896, the company has consolidated its position and leadership in the
Spanish and international market thanks to the reliability and high-performance of its products
which have made it the preferred option for the highest demanding shooters. In 1994 RIO started its
international expansion and currently its products are sold within five continents.



Marketing – RIO Cartridges

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