Hicks & Hides At The British Shooting Show

Hicks & Hides specialise in luxurious handmade leather products incorporating their original twist of spend cartridge shells or rifle bullets. Since being founded in 2010, the companies range has expanded to now include a number of country themed accessories such as cufflinks, hipflasks and earrings, along with the core selection of beautiful hand crafted English leather belts, dog collars and leads, gun slips, cartridge bags and much more.

Hicks & Hides Luxurious


All of the belts are made with recycled shotgun or rifle brass casings. Whilst we supply the core-belts as standard, (listed below), we can also design, supply and manufacturer custom belts.

  • the Original Belts
  • The Single Bore Belts
  • The Original Collars
  • The Single Bore Collars
  • The Dog Leads

Furthermore, we have retained the influence of the region, shoots and places to visit by attributing all the products to many of the charming and picturesque villages in the area – with the Broadway holding the key title!

Hicks & Hides will be exhibiting the luxurious handmade leather products at the British Shooting Show, Hall 5, Zone 21.