Eley Hawk Titanium Shortlisted For Award

Eley Hawk Titanium cartridges have been nominated and shortlisted for the Great British Shooting Awards 2019.

titanium cartridge nominated

Eley Hawk are pleased to have been nominated and shortlisted by the trade and general public as 2019 ammunition of the year. The nomination comes on the back of a successful launch for the new product, an excellent review by the guru of cartridges Richard Atkins and performing incredible feats of ballistics through the gun of Steve Clark with clays out at 122 yards at Southdown Gun Club and some fantastic slo-motion footage captured this summer.


The awards themselves have been set up by Future Plc and although the products were nominated by the shooting trade gun shops and shooting grounds each nomination was then shortlisted and reviewed by a crack team of critical judges. The crucial next step will be the vote by the British shooting public who will vote online all the way up to the Flagship event at the NEC The Great British Shooting Show. Once all the votes are counted a prize-giving event will be held at the show where the winners and runners-up will be announced.

Speaking of the nomination Eduardo Hernando Managing Director said “ It’s fantastic news that our new product has made the shortlist, I would like to thank everyone who nominated Titanium Strike which is great given that it has only been on the market for 6 months and has made such an impression already with clay shooters across the world.” “The production team at Eley Hawk have done a great job in delivering this product and this nomination and shortlisting for these awards really highlights all the positive work they do day in and day out at Eley Hawk here at our Sutton Coldfield factory.” It is a real testament to British innovation, skills and know how that has run through the DNA of the company for 190 years and more fitting given that have just celebrated this anniversary.

Consumers can vote now for their favourite in a range categories.


Titanium Strike has been built to exacting standards and in cooperation with shooters in the UK. The product features Nickel Coated lead shot in European shot sizes, a 25 mm Nickel Head, European shot sizes the A type wad and signature primer is included. The Product shoots well due to it’s PSB +3 powder which burns progressively to build the speed up to 1425 fps (muzzle velocity).


Titanium Strike 
Launched as a high velocity and performance load it will be loaded in 28-gram and significantly in 24-gram versions in shot size 7.5 Ni (2.4 mm).

Nickel coated shot 
This cartridge will have nickel coated lead shot and also features a high 25 mm nickel head brass for ease of ejection. The use of nickel coated shot has several benefits;
a) It creates a protective coating around the shot, so less deformed pellets occur at initial ignition, as well as, protecting the pellets as they travel down the barrel.
b) The shot flies down range towards the clay in a uniform pattern with fewer flyers (off-target pellets).
c) The shot is also hardened by the application of an innovative alloy coating. This increases the breaking power, especially the harder bio-degradable clays.

PSB +3 Powders
The PSB + powders used by Eley Hawk are progressive slow burn powders which burn evenly and reduce recoil. The powders are also graded to burn consistently shot to shot thereby providing an even performance throughout a round of clays.

A  Type Wad
The “A type” wad provides excellent shot string distribution, improved recoil reduction and strong dense patterns at all ranges.

This will be launched as a high-velocity load in 28 gram shot size 7.5 (2.4 mm) and 8 shot (2.3 mm) These continental shot sizes are slightly larger than the standard shot sizes and give the shooter extra breaking power.

16 mm Nickel Head
The 16mm Nickel head is engineered to provide a solid base for propelling the load and deliver a smooth cartridge ejection for the shooter.

PSB +3 powders
PSB +3 powder has been used which is engineered in-house for high velocity and ultra smooth recoil.

“A-Type” Plastic and Kleena fibre wads 
The cartridges will be loaded with the “A-type” plastic wad system which delivers outstanding clay breaks with recoil and shot cushioning for superior patterns.
The long history of “Kleena” wads originally pioneered by Eley Hawk used within the fibre version are excellent at providing clean barrels and intense patterns.

Superior patterning 
The meticulous balance between the wad, powder, shot and pressures generated in the chamber and resulting speeds have all be carefully balanced to ensure superior patterning at all ranges.