Daystate 40th Anniversary

British PCP airgunmaker throws red carpet event to mark its 40th year in the airgun business.

daystate 40th anniversary

A 40th birthday is well worth marking and Daystate certainly celebrated theirs in style! On Monday the 3rd of December, they welcomed some 50 friends, colleagues and members of the press to the wonderful Royal Armoury in Leeds to remember the company’s illustrious past and open a window into its bright future.

On display were some 50 classic Daystate models, including some unusual ones that few had ever seen. There was also a chance to see the first ever successful airgun, the Girandoni that was in fact a weapon of war. This was on loan from the Armoury and is just one of some 29,000 guns they hold as the UK collection of firearms. Many present had never seen one of these in the flesh and were clearly delighted to have the opportunity given to them.

Perhaps the star of the show was Daystate’s Red Wolf that recently won the American Field Target competition in Arizona, which is one part of the wildly successful Extreme Benchrest competition.

daystate anniversary

In fact, Red Wolf rifles won more competitions than any other gun at this year’s event. It’s rare for such a new gun to win at this level, as competitors like time to learn any new product, but the Red Wolf proved a winner straight from the box. In that one room was the earliest successful airgun and the very latest competition-winning technology, demonstrating just how far the airgun has come.

The icing on the cake was the launch of the limited edition Genus, which is the latest stunning evolution of the superb Huntsman Regal HR. Among its many desirable features are a laminated stock, custom controls and the first sighting of Daystate’s new ODB silencer system.

It was a great day, enjoyed by all to celebrate everything Daystate stands for, namely making the finest airguns you can buy.

If 2019 is the year that you’re looking to buy a new Daystate rifle, or even your first daystate rifle then get your tickets to the British Shooting Show at the NEC, Birmingham, 15th – 17th February. The full range of daystate rifles will be on dispaly at the Daystate booth.