Coolcabin By CABERO At BSS’20

CABERO will be exhibiting their Coolcabin at the British Shooting Show 2020.

Coolcabin CABERO

Coolcabin is a mobile venison processing and cooling unit for processing game by hunters or forestry operations. Low acquisition costs, energy-efficient, cost-optimised and ecological operation while maintaining strict hygiene requirements set new standards.

The unique twin power solution of Coolcabin offers to hunters the opportunity to chill and dress game at different stages of processing – while at the same time being HACCP-compliant, since the processing unit can also be converted into a cooling chamber.

Coolcabin CABERO

Twin Power

The standard Coolcabin uses a so-called piggyback cooling unit. It has a maximum cooling capacity of up to 1.7 kW, assuming an outside temperature of 35 °C and + 3 °C cooling chamber temperature.

Features of the Twin Power: A condenser unit can operate two units, creating two air sidedly separated cooling compartments. The evaporator is HACCP compliant and was designed specifically for venison conservation. Large lamellar spacings and large heat exchange surfaces (lamellae) greatly reduce the dehydration of venison. It guarantees optimal meat ripening, even with prolonged meat storage and strongly counteracts the weight loss and drying of the outer layers of meat.

CABERO incorporates its core expertise and thus sets new standards in the market. The piggyback units are sufficient for cooling packaged goods.

The TWIN POWER protects your business: Maximised weight and quality of venison thanks to multi-functional use of two cold rooms. Highest professionalism at a relatively low and fair price, which can be recouped within months.

Thanks to Twin Power, the mandatory separation (according to HACCP) between furred game and already dressed game can be met in the highest degree.

Twin Power systems have a cooling capacity of up to 1.7 kW in the processing room and up to 2.2 kW in the cold room.

Twin Power Pro systems have a cooling capacity of up to 1.7 kW in the processing room and up to 3.5 kW in the cold room.

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