The HYBRID, the ultimate switch barrel rifle; no compromise.

The HYBRID is proudly made in New Zealand at Hardy’s Manawatu facility where they dream big and make bigger. You can trust that everything they build at Hardy Rifle is designed to endure the hardest of conditions and the toughest terrain – all while maintaining superior quality, efficiency and reliability.

Hardy Rifle Hybrid


Multi-calibre, user interchangeability, giving you the same stock to handle, the same optic to look through and the same action to operate. No matter what calibre you’re choosing or what field you’re in, the HYBRID will help you dominate.


The ultimate in high-tech material selection and rifle design gives The HYBRID a technological advantage so you can carry it further, adapt to any situation and make that shot when it counts.


Military-grade technology, proven to enhance reliability, is scaled down for use in each HYBRID action. This guarantees performance and flawless operation each time, every time, no compromise.

Hardy Rifle Hybrid

Dan Hardy, Director/Weapons Engineer, Hardy Rifle – Like all products by Hardy Rifle, The HYBRID was created because there is a need for it. Ever since my military career I have always wanted to improve on what was available in the market so the logical step was to design my own. This ranged from suppressors to precision rifle barrels to muzzle brakes and The HYBRID is no exception!”

The HYBRID will be available in the UK from the second quarter, SRP £5,499.00.

To find information on your local Hardy Rifle retailer check the Highland Outdoors dealer locator.