Browning B725 Hunter Light Premium: Lightweight effective and elegant perfection

Every hunter who has spent long days pacing across fields will tell you how important a gun’s weight is.


Rested arms give you a much more natural and keener swing.

The B725 Hunter Light Premium is a lightweight delight in 12 and 20 gauges. With the 12-gauge model weighing in at 3.1 kg, while the 20-gauge tips the scales at barely 2.6 kg, you can keep your mind on what matters most: the game!

The B725 Hunter Light Premium at a glance

• Gauge: 12-76mm & 20-76 mm

• Action frame: aluminium for a gun that is 300 g lighter, nickel-plated finish for better weather resistance

• Barrel lengths: 66 & 71 cm

Barrels: Back-Bored™

• Wood: grade 3 walnut

• Accessories: 5 Invector DS™ chokes

• Recoil pad: 20mm Inflex II for minimal recoil

Recommended price :
2,969 € – £2575


Hells Canyon II collection

The Hells Canyon II jacket and trousers collection comes in a range of colour schemes. The jacket is available in ATAC-AU, Blaze, and MO Infinity camo, and in green; the trousers are sold in ATACS-AU and MO Infinity camo and in green.

All the clothing in the range shares a number of features that give you unparalleled hi-tech performance and comfort.

The Hells Canyon II collection at a glance


• Four-way stretch fabric for maximum movability

• Odorsmart treated, discretion guaranteed

• Ultrasilent fabric


• Waterproof, breathable, wind-resistant

• Padded elbows and knees for pain-free crawling

• Four hand pockets

• Game bag pocket

• Underarm ventilation, adjusted fit


• Two-handed radio pocket

Recommended price: jacket 189 € – £166 /trousers 139 € – £122